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Connecticut Overview

What is a Green Amendment?

Green Amendments are self executing provisions added to the bill of rights section of a constitution that recognize and protect the rights of all people, including future generations, to pure water, clean air, a stable climate, and healthy environments.
The Connecticut Green Amendment is referred to locally as the Connecticut Environmental Rights Amendment.

Overview of the CT Green Amendment

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Environmental advocates, organizations and caring community members are working together to advance a Connecticut Green Amendment.

Named the Connecticut Environmental Rights Amendment with Senator Mae Flexer as lead sponsor on the Senate side and Rep. Mary Mushinsky taking the lead on the in the CT House, the amendment the CTERA Alliance (a collaboration of supporting organizations led by CT NOFA) seeks, would read:

Article first of the Constitution is amended by adding section 21 as follows:

Each person shall have an individual right to clean and healthy air, water, soil, ecosystems and environment; and a safe and stable climate; for the benefit of public health, safety and the general welfare. The state shall not infringe upon these rights. The state shall protect these rights equitably for all people regardless  of  race,  ethnicity,  tribal affiliation,  gender, socioeconomics or geography. The state shallserve as trustee of all of the natural resources of Connecticut, among them being its waters, air, flora, fauna,soils, and climate; and shall conserve, protect, and maintain these resources for the benefit of allpeople, including present and future generations. Funds supporting the state trustee obligations herein shall not be diverted for non-trust purposes. The rights stated in this section are equivalent with all other inalienable rights  and may be directly invoked and enforced by the people of Connecticut.


Supported by a growing coalition of organizations and a strong partnership between CT NOFA, Green Amendments For The Generations, and community activists, Connecticut’s Green Amendment proposal (referred to as the CTERA – CT Environmental Rights Amendment) was highlighted in a joint press conference hosted by a coalition of legislators, organizations and activists.  The amendment was also the subject of a robust hearing before the Government Administration and Elections Committee with community members turning out to testify in support. Shortly after the hearing, the Committee voted overwhelmingly, by a vote of 13 to 6 with no abstentions, in support.

After this amazing show of the support and strength the amendment did not progress further in 2024 but our coalition of partners have built a strong foundation of engagement for future years.

Outreach, education and organizing continue.  There is still lots of opportunity to be active in this history-making effort:

How it began in Connecticut?

In 2022, advocates began by organizing speaking events to share the message.  Among them was this event sponsored by CT NOFA, a leader in the CT effort: view event here.

The amendment was first proposed to the House Environment Committee in January, 2023 by Rep. Mary Mushinsky as House Joint Resolution No. 37 . The resolution was the subject of an informative and positive hearing before the committee. While the amendment did not pass all the way through the process, support for the concept of a Connecticut Green Amendment was clearly solid and growing.

In 2023 Senator Mae Flexer took up the leadership mantle on the Senate side.  In 2024 the proposed amendment began its legislative journey on the senate side of the legislature and successfully passed out of the Government Administration and Elections Committee by a vote of 13 to 6 with no abstentions.  While the amendment did not progress further in the 2024 legislative year, the table has been set for strong success and engagement moving forward.

Curious what a Green Amendment is, what it does, and the transformational difference it can make for environmental protection and environmental justice? Check out our Resources page.

If you want to take steps to advance a Green Amendment in Connecticut, Act Now.

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On April 19 Green Amendments for the Generations Founder and Delaware Riverkeeper May van Rossum spoke at the Connecticut Climate Mobilization event about the need to adopt an environmental rights amendment in the state.

Learn more about Green Amendments For the Generations at forthegenerations.org.