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Resources To Help You Lead in Connecticut

The Connecticut Environmental Rights Amendment (CTERA) is Connecticut’s version of a Green Amendment.  To help you get up to speed and engage others, here are a few Connecticut specific resources:

More of a watch and listen learner?

  • Sign up here to receive a link to the first training titled: Connecticut Basics & FAQs

Soon you will be able to view the CT ERA-Green Amendment training series in the CT community of the Green Amendment Action App.  The first training as been posted titled: Connecticut Basics & FAQs.  The Action app is available as a web link on your computer or an app on your mobile phone:

Other helpful videos include:

An Emmy Nominated Show

Here’s The Story, an Emmy nominated show that premiered in 2011 and is produced by acclaimed journalist Steve Rogers, is now featuring a two part show featuring the Green Amendment movement. The show joins Maya as she explores the history of the Green Amendment movement and meets with environmental, political and legal leaders key to the movements past, present and future. Among those interviewed is NJ Governor Phil Murphy, PA Senator Franklin Kury who originally conceived of the idea for PA, and the chief justice who wrote the iconic opinion that helped launch the movement.

You can watch the show, see Facebook live chats with some of the key players, and see the full interviews that were conducted as part of the show here: Here’s the Story: The Green Amendment.

Advancing a Green Amendment in Connecticut

Want to help secure signatures to let Connecticut government leaders know that the residents of the state want and need this essential environmental rights protection?

  • Share this link for online signing
  • Or print a copy of the petition and circulate it with friends and family. Then mail it back to Green Amendments For The Generations at 925 Canal St, Suite 3701, Bristol, PA 19007 and we will add their names to the list.  You can find a copy to download and print here: Connecticut Printable Petition here.

Help Us Secure Green Amendment Protections in Connecticut & Nationwide

Your donation today will help us do the work, provide the expertise, inspire supporters and take on the challengers so that every person and community in Connecticut and nationwide can have a true RIGHT, that is enforceable, to a clean, safe & healthy environment.

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